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02/17/2019, Friends of Civil War Alcatraz

Attending: Steve Johnson, Frank Avila; Gary Hormel by Phone, John Nevins provided a proxy to Constance Smith. Ranger John Cantwell.

Minutes from 08/12/2018 were reviewed and approved.

NOTE: Steve will contact Volunteers of America to have FOCWA placed on their listings.

Reviewed financial report. Report was approved.

Living History Day will be May 11,2019. Constance will send the schedule of needed prep as prepared by Brad Schall. Gary will order the sandwiches; water is included. John Nevins will not be able to give a final count until the week prior to the event. Cannon demonstrations can NOT include slamming the limber box lid. The hinges and lock have been broken. FOCWA will pay for replacements and John C will install.

Discussion re: cannon demonstration and NPS insistence on “relevancy” in all programs.

Possible expanded program “The Guns of Alcatraz” to include post Civil War weaponry used on the island. FOCWA will research and replace thumb stall, pick, primers, and a sponge rammer short enough not to damage the walls.

Recruitment needs to be increased; the table will be operating at Ft Point on LHD 02/23/2019 & at the SF history day at the SF Mint 03/02-02/2019. Gary has mailed the posters with corrected contact information to Steve. Gary will donate $100.00 to pay for 4 memberships for new recruits. Discussion as to the possibility of a public event on the Presidio.

Steve made a motion that FOCWA pay for parking at the SF Mint. After discussion the motion passed as the funds are available.

The changes to the bylaws were approved .

Discussion of the Memorial Day parade & graveside programs. Constance will contact Dean Enderlin at the Sons of Union Veterans in Santa Rosa to invite them to join. Constance will bring a picnic.

Minutes will now provided by e-mail and posted to the website / newsletter. No financial information will be posted on the website.

Meetings for 2019 set as follows: April 7, June 9th, Sept 15, and on Alcatraz Fall Living History Day.


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