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Photo by Sharyle Kuhlemeier Leidy


Friends of Civil War Alcatraz Membership

From: The Friends of Civil War Alcatraz
To: All Civil War Enthusiasts

You are cordially invited to join the Friends of Civil War Alcatraz. We are a new organization created to help the National Park Service to promote the civil war era on Alcatraz Island. Our Mission Statement and Purpose is: "To provide support to the National Park Service in educating the general public on the Civil War experience 1861 1865 on Alcatraz Island".

As a member you will be a part of the effort to tell the story of the island prior to the prison years. Our group will cooperate with the National Park Service on Alcatraz Island in accomplishing educational, interpretive, conservation, research, planning and park improvements; including living history programs.

To date much has been accomplished. On a visit to Alcatraz, visitors now walk through the Sally Port, and see how the Island was defended from intruders. Also, they will view the guard house with displays of civil war era items given to the park service by our organization. There is so much more to do! Therefore, we are having a membership drive to help the park service tell the story of the military years of the island as well as the prison years. We feel that both are equally important.

Please fill out the membership application and mail it to the address given to become a part of a growing new and exciting group.

Click here to view membership letter

Click here to view and print application



Honorary member:

  • Jayeson Vance


Charter members:

  • Chuck Graf

  • John Nevins

  • Brad Schall

  • Fred Bohmfalk

  • Chuck Gardali

  • Bob Hubbs

  • Richard J. Sawhill

  • Ron Perisho

  • Greg Tracy


Chief of Artillery:

  • Stephanie Burke

  • Jeffrey Vaillant

  • John Fitzpatrick

  • Edward Derkum

  • Frank Avila


Battery Commander:



Cannoneer member:

  • Jan Sparks

  • Don Wilt

  • Douglas W. Chadwick

  • Mondo Granado

  • Owen Stiles

  • Stephen Johnson

  • Dean Enderlin

  • Robert Mayer

  • Jim Lundsten

  • Ken Felton

  • Walter Page

  • Steve Bogart

  • George Foxworthy

  • Gary Hormel

  • Matthew Corallo

  • Louis Olker

  • Michael Green

  • Chris Mosher




  • Peninsula Civil War Roundtable
    Howard Jones
  • Stanisulaus Civil War Association
    Carol Lowe
  • SUVCW Gen. George Wright Camp #22 Sacramento
    Michael Drouin
  • SVR Co. B, 8th California Volunteer Infantry
    Captain David Salyer
  • SUVCW Gen. Alfred Pleasonton Camp #24, East Bay and shares San Francisco with Camp #4
    John Gee

  • 5th California Volunteer Infantry Regimental Band
    Kriston L. Tague


*FOCWA new class of Membership - Organizations

Historical, Ancestral, Genealogical, Educational and Civil War Roundtables

The purpose is to give groups or Organizations that have an interest in the California American Civil War history the opportunity to join FOCWA .

The head of the organization will be the member.

Up to ten members of the group can attend Living History days as supporters of Civil War Alcatraz as part of the work party.

Up to ten members can attend special Civil War tours of Alcatraz.

Membership will be $50 per year. A donation to FOCWA activities or projects is considered a membership. Organizations will be credited one year's membership for each $50 contributed.

The purpose is to encourage people interested in American Civil War History, Historical Societies that have a local connection to the American Civil War, or Educational groups that want to educate their members or young people in California participation in the Civil War.

Businesses or organizations that wish to contribute financially to support California Civil War History.


Memberships are now due, and run from January 1st to December 31st.


Click here for past Members list



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